Friday, February 22

Arthrosis traumatic experience: all of a sudden I could not walk

I didn't know how incapacitating arthrosis is. I didn't even know about the disease.

I was  feeling this burning in my legs and the pain thinking that it was due to the disc herniation in the lower back I deal with for more than two decades.

I noticed that I am walking slower but only last week I realized I couldn't elevate my leg to climb a step to enter a shop. It was when I went straight to the hospital and discovered the new diagnosis: arthrosis.

I spent four hours at the hospital and when I had to climb the stairs to the X ray room I couldn't do it and someone brought a wheelchair.

I felt terrible and impaired. A woman touched the wheelchair and I looked at her in a very angry way because it was as if it she was touching me.

I always respected people in wheelchair and would never touch one. I never look at the person because I think they don't want us to intervene in their life.

I spent most of the time at the wheelchair with my face covered cause I didn't want to face others and I was extremely nervous. When there were only two persons I finally looked up.
It was when an old lady asked: "You don't walk, do you?" I looked at her and she repeated the question to my amazement. I said in a very loud voice: "I do walk! I do walk. I just have a problem now."

I did the rest of things out of the wheelchair. I walked and felt better.
Now I'm adjusting my life to the new symptoms and trying to find a physiotherapy and a good doctor.
I felt exasperating pain and I hope I have strength to cope with the limitations and improve my health.
It's being a hard time. People say I'm strong. Yes. We are all, aren't we?
Yes we are.

Lady Gaga is dealing with arthritis. I'm not a big fan of her, I even dislike her but I hope she gets better soon.
She had to cancel a show.


Gabby said...

I pray for strenght to your bones. i believe there is as cure for every thing. be fine pls . cheers
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Ana said...

Thank you very much!
I'm taking care and I'm optimistic.
Changed dieting and doing exercises.

Away from the computer is the problem. :(