Thursday, February 14

Fear of doctors: guilty as charged since they are protecting Big Pharma's interest not health

I'm having tinging and burning sensations in my feet and hands sometimes. I have read and watched some videos to inform myself about what I'm going to listen from the doctor.
I fear and hate physicians.

I have already spent one night at the hospital because of a pill prescribed in high doses: calcium.
Orthomolecular medicine can harm you too.
They wanted me to stay at the hospital another night so that I could do other exams after my everything was over. NO! Thank you.

I'm trying to find an old doctor. For the moment I'm using ice and doing some cope strategies to handle the pain.
It is hell when it burns.


Angelikas Photographic Sketchbook said...

I don't trust them either. Actually, I sometimes wonder how much they understand us humans in the first place.

Ana said...

Yes... if we talk to them about human condition few can understand what topic we are discussing. lol

Loved your blog.

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

If you can, always get a second opinion if you're not sure what they are talking about, as it's your body that they are dealing with and you suffer any consequences of their actions.

Ana said...

Yes. And they don't advice the risks of some of the drugs they prescribe.
They hide them instead.