Wednesday, February 27

On health and the care of the body

Because sometimes we forget that it's our body that connects us with the world and with others.

At Bloggers there are many people from all over the world that we can get in touch. I left a topic about health and some people are discussing it.
This is what I just wrote:

"I feel guilty because I should have payed close attention to my body but for two years I didn't.


I'm already getting better. The burning in my feet went away and that is very good.


Yes, We can live the most healthy life and end up in serious problems. It's like this with most people.
I think that God, if it was really him, was wrong in creating diseases.
Life is hard. And we have to cope with diseases that makes it harder.

How can someone keep living with members that had to be amputated is a mystery for me.
I don't know why I always feel sorry when I see someone having to live without legs or hands, arms that was there.

They are very strong! I remember a girl I saw 35, 36 years a girl walking with a mini-skirt and had part of her leg under the knees amputated.
Her image is printed in my mind. She was using crutches.
It seems to me she was learning and was in emotional pain.

Why? Why does she has to go through this? I know this is not the question to be done but... I ask...

Dunno... I pay attention in humans that are suffering. I remember many people I met that was in pain.

They have no idea I have them in my mind without knowing who they are.

I'm a little strange. lol

I hope you get better soon too. :)

I'm recovering. Yes. Today I can feel my feet so much better! I can feel them against the sole of the shoes.

This is great!!!!

I'll do all the exercises and more!
I'll never turn my back on my body again.

I'm glad you pay attention on your routine and don't forget to break it from time to time. :)"

TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF! Love yourself, your body no matter what!!!!!!

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