Thursday, February 7

February, 7 Cymbalta's victim Traci Johnson death anniversary

She would be twenty eight years old if she had not volunteered to join Cymbalta's Eli-Lilly urinary incontinence clinical trial in early January, 2004 in a clinic at Indiana University Medical Center.

In February, 7 her body was found. She hung herself with a scarf from a shower rod at Eli-Lily's facilities.

She was a healthy woman who just joined the trial to make a little money.

R.I.P. Traci

First published in justAna.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ana
Not seen you in our paltalk room for a while please pop by (Lawful Rebellion)Hope you are well. ;-)

Love odin

Ana said...

Hi Odin,

I'm glad you came.
I can't access PT anymore.
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I hope you're fine!

Anonymous said...

Thats sad Ana I live in hope that it gets unblocked.

Love Odin