Tuesday, February 5

Good Morning, Vietnam!

Goooooooooooood Mooooooorning, World!
I wish we had an Andrian Cronauer transmitting to the world.
We are facing the same all over the world and we need someone to
make things more bearable.
Good Morning whatever you are.  Stay safe and be brave.

"Gooood moorning, Vietnam!"

"Alright, this is Adrian Cronauer. I'm on at 6:00 and again at 4:00. Hey, we'd like to welcome you to Vietnam, the country that is more stimulating than a strong cup of cappucino or an espresso enema.

That one's comin' right at you, but first, our fashion report from Special Forces Sgt. Ernest Lee Sincere.

"Thank you.
I think this fall, the discerning G.I. is gonna be wearing green in the jungle
Why? Because it matches with the green. I don't... The leaves, they fall upon the helmets, says yes to me."

Thank you. Here's a little news flash comin' your way right now.
(imitating teletype) We can't afford the teletype. Here it is, comin' for you right now. Quick news flash.
 Former President Eisenhower, actually cartoon character Elmer Fudd. He was quoted as saying:

 "Thank you, America. It was fun being President."

Also, Gina Lollobrigida has been declared the Italian National Mountain Range. Thank you, Gina. "Look out. Look, I don't see the sun anymore."

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