Friday, February 7

10th anniversary of Cymbalta victim Traci Johnson: drug induced suicidal ideation

Since 2008 I remember Traci Johnson tragic death in Eli-Lilly facilities during Cymbalta clinical trials.
I started posting at my blog Justana and now I publish there and here.
This beautiful and great woman hanged herself as a side effect of the drug Cymbalta.
Her story is known by all of those who are trying hard to raise awareness about the side effects of psychiatric drugs whether they are patients or doctors like Peter Breggin, David Healy and so many others.
When I first saw her picture I was amazed because I thought she resembles me. I asked my dad and he agreed.
Maybe this resemblance affected my choice among so many other hideous stories of young people and children losing their lives because of antidepressants SSRIs.
I found the left picture yesterday when I was searching to make this post and the picture at the right by Jacqueline Larma/AP showing - "Pallbearers carry the coffin of Traci Johnson out of the Philadelphia church where she was active in everything from teaching Sunday school to singing in the choir. Johnson, 19, committed suicide Saturday in an Indianapolis clinic."

R.I.P. little angel.
I am representing all the colours because you are shining so much that your light is seen from far.


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

It's always very sad to hear stories like this. Side effects are not spoken about very often until something like this happens.

Such a beautiful young lady who must have been going through so much. And the one thing used to help can be the thing that pushes someone over the edge. Very sad.

Ana said...

and the drug is on the market...
four other persons committed suicide in Cymbalta's clinical trial...