Sunday, February 23

Finish keyboard player Hella

Hella's biography:

"Hella´s original human identity and origins remain unknown, despite intensive investigations. All that is known for sure is that she is one of the victims of the notorious madman just known as Ruiz, and is the twisted result of his insane experiments . Hella was captured and held in captivity for months by Ruiz, until eventually she was brutally cast in plastic and rubber. Ruiz´s sick compulsion was to try to build a real living life-size doll for his own amusement. A dozen dead bodies of young girls were found in his cellar at the time of his arrest in the summer of 1985. They were all severely burned when they were dipped in hot plastic, their joints were punctured, and bones were broken by handmade maximum sized metallic bolts and screws. Some of the victims had their scalps cut off and replaced by blond wigs. Their eyes removed and replaced by poorly painted glass eyes as well. These operations ultimately lead to the victims deaths. Plenty of physical evidence remained, leading to the conclusion that there was a 13th victim. But her body was never found. This undeniably disturbing evidence, one eyeball and a scalp, was found to belong to one mysterious girl who miraculously was able to not only stay alive, but also managed to escape after her operations. Her whereabouts are unknown, but many eye witness reports have been made during the years of her. This one sole survivor, ”living doll” is known as Hella."

Source: this site.
Update: Hella plays keyboard at the Finish band Lordi. More about the band at their site


Mark p.s.2 said...

Why are you looking at this for? The same name? This is just some crazy story to sell something.

Ana said...

It is a Finish rock band.
Lordi is the leading voice and it's him that creates the characters.
I thought people would click at the link.
I'll add the reference to the post.