Friday, February 21

Nicolai Bessonov artist, wirter, theater artist, journalist and antrhopologist

I just came across with the work of Nicolai Bessonov and felt like sharing.

I'm still getting in touch with his work so I copied the biography he left at his site. It is a Google translation:

Nikolai Bessonov Vladyslavovych.
was born in Moscow in 1962.
He graduated with honors majoring MVHPU "metal artist" in 1984. Was assigned to the Institute of Atomic Energy. Since 1988, the position of "human free profession."

Created several cycles of paintings , he worked in the field of book illustration and design. Tried his hand as a theater artist. He was a consultant on television; published articles in journals and collections of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Wrote several books in the genre of journalism and popular scientific literature currently published two issues of "Gypsies and the press" and "History of the Gypsies - a new look." In addition to ethnography in the interests of - Witching processes, as well as the history of slavery in the New World. Book "Trials of witchcraft" has already been published, and the study of African-Americans to be published.

Personal painting exhibition held in Madrid in 1992, in the building of the State Duma in 1998 and in the Czech Cultural Center in 2001. Over the last decade paintings were exhibited at the Central House of Artists Gallery "action."

Workshop studio located in the suburban village bulls.

Married. Two daughters, the eldest - Artist theater "Romen"

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