Wednesday, July 18

Alan Turing's story in the movie The Imitation Game

"Humans find violence deeply satisfying. Remove the satisfaction and the act becomes hollow."
Alan Turing
Quoted from the movie "The Imitation Game"
A great movie telling the story of Alan Turing the mathematician that cracked the Nazi Enigma code which made it possible for the allies to know everything the nazists were planning and doing.
The war was won by the allies due to Alan Turing achievement. He invented a machine that could sit the new settings the Germans invented on a daily basis.
A computer is what he invented.
He was homosexual and at that time it was a crime in UK.
He had to "treat" the homosexuality by doing a hormonal therapy.
Until 1965 those who were caught endured all the stigma of a criminal.
It's appalling.

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