Wednesday, July 11

Scarface, I finally bought the bloody movie

It's been a long time I wanted to watch Scarface that I missed in the eighties for this is not my kind of movie. 
Sure! The chainsaw made me ask if Brian de Palma has a fantasy or any kind of fetishism with the thing.
Nope. The scene was based on a real story as Oliver Stone discovered:

"Screenwriter Oliver Stone spent several months in Miami with local law enforcement and the DEA doing research and was drawn to a particularly gruesome real case. A major drug smuggling ring headed by Mario Tabraue (who became one of the major inspirations for Tony in the film) dismembered Larry Nash with a chainsaw and burned his body in July 1980 after discovering he was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Tabraue was eventually arrested in 1987 as part of the FBI’s “Operation Cobra” at his home in Dade County while his wife threw $50,000 cash out the back window, which was caught by a federal agent. By the time Tabraue’s drug ring was busted up, it was worth over $75 million. Say goodnight to the bad guy."

Source: IFC

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