Tuesday, July 10

The Real and it's Double

I attended a lecture and I'm remembering when It was said that what made some endure concentration camps was the belief that they would survive.
I'm watching "The Association Game" and realized that when watching war movies chances are that we put ourselves not among the civilians who are being bombarded and losing everything and being killed.
We are among those who are far from the dangers.
We all have already noticed that all the assumptions made by tests and professionals who can read who we were in a post life determined that we are among the rich. Not a bum, not a homicidal, a criminal, a sexual offender... No!
We were at least the friend of a honorable person.
Then I remembered Clément Rosset in time book "The Real and it's Double" analyzes how we deny reality.
He gives numerous examples but the one that just came to my mind is the conclusion the driver achieve after having stopped in red signs.
One day it will not be necessary to stop when the light turns red because "now it's my turn not to stop".
Have it ever happened to you?
If not have you ever had a friend or acquainted that was very sick and when you receive the news of the death for some seconds it is a surprise or it
does not sound real?

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