Monday, July 9

Mainstream media ignores crimes caused by Brazilian's US intervention

Only two articles about the scandalous denial of Lula's Haynes corpus were published yesterday:

Lula's Freedom Bid Blocked by Brazil Judges Amid Legal Spat

Brazil judge orders Lula to remain in prison overturning earlier ruling to release former president

Copied from The Telegraph
It is quite obvious that the mainstream media is part of the consortium for the US intervention in Brazil and on South America.
Christina Kirchnner, former studentship president, is also being on trial and in Ecuador the same: they are trying to arrest Rafael Correa. (Read here)
Too many crimes are being committed in South America and death of innocent civilians in Brazil escalated. Poor and black people are being murdered.
The toll death is astonishing:
More people are being killed in Brazil than in countries at war.
Will English mainstream media report these facts?

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