Sunday, July 8

Breaking news: Brazilian former president Lula was granted habeas corpus

Most Brazilians are waiting for the release of former president Lula who was arrested without committing any crime after a suit that broke Brazilians laws, invented new laws and disregarded Brazilian Constitution in a process conducted by a judge, Sergio Moro, who was trained in Washington and pay numerous visits to this capital. Even members of Brazilian Supreme Court also go to Washington as well as members of the executive and politicians showing scandalously the ties of US and Brazilian corrupted judiciary and executive.
Judge Sergio Moro is the one who is conducting operation car wash which took a highly criminal way that includes fraudulent proves, imprisonment of innocent, politicians or civilians, and torture of those who was left with no way out but saying what they were taught to say to incriminate those judge Moro considers "foes", strange coincidence those who are left wing especially member of Brazilian party PT (labour party). 
Lula was granted habeas corpus and must be free today.
The judge Moro is on vacation, still he is making all he can to maintain Lula in jail.
Brazilians cannot stand US intervention in it's legal system anymore. 
Washington is making a joke of South American countries intervening in a high scale to steal oil, gold, water, minerals... The same old.
South America is not US BACKYARD.

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