Saturday, November 6

Albert Einstein Memorials at Washington and at Ulm

Left: "The Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington's National Mall neighborhood is one of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in Washington DC. Measuring 12 feet / 3.5 meters, this large and imposing statue of Albert Einstein is actually seated on a bench, at the front of Washington's National Academy of Sciences." Sculpture by Robert Berks. Photo" By wallyg at Flickr.
Right: detail of "Jürgen Goertz bronze sculpture of Albert Einstein, Ulm’s internationally most famous son, in 1984. It is located on the grounds of historic Zeughaus. (Zeughaus is Ulm’s historic arsenal; today it is home to parts of Ulm’s municipal court.)
It consists of three elements:
The rocket symbolizes technology, the conquest of the universe and the atomic threat.
On this base you see a big snail shell which symbolises the opposite, namely nature, wisdom and skepticism about mankind’s dominance of technology."
The right photography is by by Kakapo2
"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
Albert Einstein
Update: June, 14 2011
I changed the right picture because the previous one belongs to a blogger that I couldn't find the name and just making a link is not enough. I like this one! I love watermarks. I think all images should have them because it makes it easier for everybody to attribute, something I'm very careful.


nothingprofound said...

The sculptures capture two very different moods of the renowned physicist.

Ana said...

He was a great person.

The Honourable Husband said...

The second photograph appears on a page to which a Creative Commons Attribution license applies. Please comply with those conditions.

Ana said...

Hi Honourable Husband,
I visited your site and left two comments.
I will copy them to explain people why I did the change.
Hope everything is fine.