Monday, November 15

Biggest Human Smiley Faces in Russia and US

Right: "In a carefully planed event, the citizens of Chelyabinsk calculated when Google’s satellite, “Quick Bird”, passes directly over the city and formed a yellow smiley face that could be noticed from out of space. The result of their organized effort will be seen the next time Google Earth updates, but whether they get the exposure they were looking for or not, the people behind the Smiley-Face of Chelyabinsk have our congratulations for the effort."
Left: "In October 1st, in celebration of the World Smile Day, a giant smiley face was spotted on the top parking deck of the new Amway Center arena. It was made up of hundreds of smiling people dressed in black and yellow, who stood shoulder to shoulder for a good ten minutes. The human smiley face was a result of Orlando’s World Smile Search Campaign, which looked for people who had smile stories to share with the world. In half a year, over 20,000 stories were received, and some of the people who shared their stories were invited to be apart of the smiley face.
The human smiley face of Orlando was acknowledged as the largest smiley."

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