Friday, November 12

Anti Iraq war protesters - The March of the Dead

Try searching "anti war protests" and you will see that the results are not at the mainstream media, they are at anti war activists sites and some blogs.
This is a strategy to tell people that there is nothing to be done and nobody cares. Many people are not silent and many are deeply concerned and I have posted about February, 15 2003 anti-invasion protest.
In March, 18 2008 protesters blocked the traffic and government buildings in Washington to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war.
A group of protesters did "The March of the Dead" to symbolize the death of civilians and military people.
More pictures of the protest here.
"Far from the eyes of the people." Ironic: "weapons of mass destruction" are being used in Iraq.


Balqis said...

Thank you for posting the pics. It shows concern by people who love to live.

Ana said...


Steve Bossenberger said...

Those are very strong pics. Very deep. I have seen something similar to this a couple years ago in Chicago.

Ana said...

People protest but the media don't publish.