Sunday, November 14

C215 Christian Guémy: "faces reflect personalities"

I came across with C215 street artist and I'm amazed by the way he has been depicting men and women in many cities of the world.
Christian Guémy, a French 38 years old man, has chosen walls for canvases and at his site and at Flickr he not only keeps his work alive by photographies but show how talented he is in expressing emotions, circumstances and lives of different people of the world.
Take a look at his site and I'm sure you will be carried away. It took me half an hour and I will go back. :)
"I paint in the streets people really belonging to the streets: tramps, but also beggars, street orphans from the poorest countries. This is a stencil tradition by the way," he says. "The streets are just my favorite gallery, I been in love with graffiti since i was a child. Sure I did draw, paint free hand, with brushes, with cans, but stencils are the best way to quick place something beautiful anywhere in the streets, without any fucking authorization."
Christian Guémy
Images: Copyright All rights reserved by C215


nothingprofound said...

Kudos to you, Christian! Art is not art unless it is free.

Ana said...