Thursday, November 4

In Search of the Divine by Christophe Dessaigne

I just found the work of the photographer Christophe Dessaigne. and felt like sharing this photography he has at his portfolio:
"Christophe's photomontages deal with the themes of melancholy, fantasy, and solitude. "When I was still a child, the closing scene of Planet of the Apes struck me. It left a permanent mark in my mind. The final vision of the Statue of Liberty coming out of the sea and sand before Charlton Heston and its post-apocalyptic staging when Man realizes how infinitely small and ephemeral he is, is definitely grandiose. Same with the 80s SF masterpieces like Mad Max, Blade Runner, or Brazil. This cinema is a great source of inspiration for me, it has influenced me strongly." He adds "The works of painters like Jean-Pierre Ugarte or Beksinski are also inspiring to me, just like the masters of surrealism are: Dali, Magritte... On the comics side, the works of Metal Hurlant-era masterminds Druillet, Moebius, Caza etc is pure genius to me. These people have left their mark on the comics imagery and fantasy. They have been and still are great storytellers." As to photography, Christophe finds interest in photographers like Chad Michael Ward, Shane Harrison Parkson, or master of long exposure Michael Kenna."
You can see more of Christophe's universe at Flickr. or wait because I will surely post some of his great works.


Balqis said...

Thanks for sharing the breathtaking photo. So beautiful!

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