Tuesday, July 12

Confession in WWW times

Copyright: Stan Eales. You can send E-greeting cards with cartoons at Cartoonstock.com. They have numerous great pieces. I just sent one to... no, no, no... I fear the priest.
As the priest is myopic I can confess that I sent one for my greatest enemy.


Saru Singhal said...

So, you use their pieces a lot...This post is nice

Ana said...

I found it today.I only posted two or three cartoons.
It's difficult to find cartoons.

Missy said...

LOL that's me, It's all in my Online journal.


cooking varieties (wan maznah said...

hi ana, thats really cute..confessions thru blog n facebook too, may be.. no longer hush hush between sinner and saint :)
have a nice day

Ana said...

Lol Missy!