Tuesday, July 19

Murdoch's NoW WhistleBlower Sean Hoare murdered?

If you are searching for explanation or a detailed article about Sean Hoare's death you will not find it anywhere. However due to the strange circumstances surrounding this case some people think that he might have been murdered. Some people have no doubts. Of course that every discussion about Sean being murdered will be seen as conspiracy theory but this thought is in the hearts and minds of many and when people have the feeling they are being lied searching for what has happened is normal and if those who should make justice instead of investigating destroy evidences and keep silent what can those who are suspicious do? The strange allegation: "unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious" came in a very bad time. Murdered or not the most striking about it all is that the possibility of a British journalist being murdered is in people's mind. It should be out of the question such a conspiracy theory if English people trusted their politicians but English people think that it is possible that Sean Hoares was murdered because he knew too much about many people. We know the dangerous connections between journalists and politicians in some countries. What answers did British people had till now? Apologies? And... they did not know about the phone-hacking? They didn't know about phone-hacking? They didn't know? Crimes were committed and calling it a scandal is a wrong label. These is what is in the minds of some people who are commenting at Youtube: Ain't it delicious? The murderers own the media, so they'll be in charge of telling the braindead public what the "official" cause of this man's death was. And it will all be forgotten as soon as they switch to the next story. USRefugee 1 hour ago NOT SUSPICIOUS??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?!?!?! the man at the centre of the biggest media/government scandal for the past 30 years mysteriously dies the day before Murdoch takes the witness stand. This shit goes all the way to the top, and by that i dont mean News Corp, by that i mean the police and the government. The big boys at the top are covering their arses. If the real truth came out, this country's government would collapse. ruideng111 1 hour ago 4 This is too much of a coincidence. I don't care if he did have a drug problem, to even rule out the possibility that he could have been killed would be completely delusional. InvisibleDiary 4 hours ago @Edwardjsa isnt it always a farce when parliament holds hearings? If it was serious, they would investigate seriously and convict these assholes, but parliament is on the take as is the police and the whole bunch of criminals running the world. These hearings have only helped these devils... wish the man with the foam had connected so we wouldnt have to look at the ugly rupert face kammolition 5 hours ago Poor bastard ; murdered because he was to reveal too much BIGGER stuff ; they do it like on the movie Michael Clayton ; bump you off with an injection between the toes to make it look like natural causes - they have the medical knowhow ; they can cover it up to look like suicide if they have enough power and money. Many are ABOVE the law TheKenfig 5 hours ago more here. I took from Youtube because it is an immediate reaction after watching the video and people are expressing their feelings. It is outrageous that in UK people suspects that those who are representing them are capable of killing a journalist. This hypotheses should not be raised at all. We are talking about United Kingdom.


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