Sunday, July 31

Peter Pan

I don't know why this is one of the Disney's production that I liked the most when I was a child. I still have some scenes on my mind and can recall the enchantment of being carried away by a fantasy world. It was pure and simple magic and it is good that sometimes it can be experienced again when reading a book, watching a movie, going to an exhibition, watching dolphins or any other of these things that make us dream and remember that we are different but changeless. 


Delsiolive said...

You know, I never watched Peter Pan, just a few segments shown by Disney on brazilians cartoons' programs and, for strange that may be I love this flick as never Neverland island I would not to visit!

And, as I advance in years and years ,passing the fifties..I can't see me watching...

Yes, I am that strange person! :o)

Ana said...

I don't think it is strange. I feel the same about some stuffs but it is not coming to my mind now.
I'll send you an e-mail when I find an example. :)

Saru Singhal said...

As a kid, I saw the movie and I loved it.I can watch it over and over again.

Goodness and Grit said...

I never thought about which Disney movie would be my favorite, but now that I have, I agree Peter Pan would definitely rank up there. Believe it or not, the film has crossed my mind several time as an adult. For example:
1- The view from our guest window is of a church steeple with a clock very much like the first Flying scene in the film.
2-On the rare occasion I dream, I fly just like Peter Pan.
3- Finally, my daughter constantly reminds me of Tinkerbell in both looks and actions!

My Goodness I´m mad as a hatter! Thanks for the post to prove this!!! I look forward to more.

Ana said...

Isn't it strange? I also have some scenes so vivid in my mind!
I had few dreams of flying but I seldom remember my dreams.
I'm also glad to know that I'm not alone.