Monday, August 1

Art and reality dialog

Right: Your blind passanger, 2010, by Olafur Eliasson
Left: Tai-Chi in a fog day in China
I just found out the installation, right picture, of the artist Olafur Eliasson. The "installation is a 90-meter-long densely fogged tunnel in which museumgoers are forced to use senses other than sight to navigate and orient themselves within the space."
I instantly remember the left picture I have saved some months ago, unfortunately I do not remember the site, of Chinese people doing Tai-Chi in a fog day.
According to Olafur Eliasson:
“For me Utopia is tied to our ‘now’, to the moment between one second and the next. It constitutes a potential that is actualized and transformed into reality; an opening where concepts such as subject and object, inside and outside, proximity and distance are thrown up in the air only to be defined anew. Our sense of orientation is challenged, and the coordinates of our spaces, collective and personal, have to be renegotiated. Mutability and motion lie at the core of Utopia.” Olafur Eliasson
Would you prefer to do Tai-Chi. go to the museum and cross the 90 meters installation or do both?


Ken Foster said...

I don't understand that quote about Utopia. It sounds like his idea of utopia is being disoriented. What does it mean to you Ana?

Ken Foster said...

Oh, cool images by the way. I love how they draw you in to try to figure out what is going on.

Ana said...

Nothing. lol
This is one of the things I have problems with some artists: the work has to be explained and they use a kind of "philosophical" discourse that is absurd.
It started in the 60ies but at that time they really wrote good texts and some even wrote books like Kandinsky.
This is the first time I saw Olafur work and took a picture of one of the videos of this work in a way that matched the photography I had of the Chinese doing Tai-Chi.
I would never cross the 9-meters foggy camera.
I hate when I wake up and have to do the same till I reach the button to turn on the light, and it means 6 or 7 steps.
This kind of censorial experiences were highly promoted in the 60ies and 70ies. THere is a Brazilian artist, Ligia Pape who did lots of them till the 80ies.
For me: boring.
I'm only telling it for you.
He has other works. I'll check them tomorrow.

Ken Foster said...

Oh good! Glad it's not just me. I always feel stupid after reading that stuff!

cindyrina said...

Hi Ana,when I read this entry I feel lost and stupid myself. Thank God! I read your reply to Ken :)

Ana said...

Thank you for the comment Cindyrina.
I'll write a post about it.

dieFlaneuse said...


Moonomo said...

wow! What a find-

You always do it, Ana! :)

Ana said...

Merci! I think you are French or might have any connection. I'll check it when visiting your blog.

Thank you! You made my day!

Flynn said...

Great photos and also impressive Blog! I like this style of photography and once I also did interesting foggy picture in remote location in west British Columbia:

Flynn said...

I like these foggy pictures. Also your Blog is very impressive.
I once did similar concept in 2007 in Bella Coola in remote location in British Columbia:

Ana said...

I visited one of your blogs and your pictures are amazing!
I'll search this week because I really want to have two of them.