Saturday, August 27

Change the color of the rain


change the color of the rain
to wash away your 
utmost abstruse pain.
by ~Musical-Ink

I found this poem at DeviantArt and I liked it. I scroll down and there was a comment I left last March, 22 saying "Great". Funny cause I don't remember. I'm feeling that I have to do it: change the color of the rain so I searched for "rain" and found this great photographs by GhostlyGoblin who has a collection of photography classified as "still life". What a great effect the rain did. It looks like a painting. I'm glad I came across with both.


Balqis said...

It's so beautiful! At first I thought it was a painting. :)

Balqis said...

Btw, it's a Haiku poem. It has 5-7-5 syllables.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Ana said...

I was not sure about the number of syllables but I had a suspicious it was because it reminded me of you.

Moonomo said...

Awoo! That picture and that haiku-

May be I should try to shoot something like this!

Ana said...

Yes. It is very beautiful!
I loved this picture.

Shreeja N said...

Hey that was a nice post! Loved the picture! Loved the lines
"change the color of
the rain to wash away your
utmost abstruse pain. "
take care :)

Ana said...

Thank you.