Wednesday, August 24

In-depth analysis of NATO in Libya

Again? Another post about Libya? Yes. It is about Libya but also about integrity and accountability of journalism, about the future of this world, the war-machine and it's effect in our lives. I have already publish a post with a photography of the organization Answer Coalition protesting against Iraq war on February, 15 2003 when millions of people did manifest around the world. The organization publishes in-depth analysis of wars or interventions around the world making their articles a good source of information on violations of human rights and promotion of a more peaceful and fair world. The picture is a protest on August, 13 in an effort to make NATO stops bombing Libya. Brian Becker, Answer Coalition's National Coordinator, did in-depth analysis with factual information about the real situation in Libya that is being covered up by US, France, Italy and United Kingdom with the help of the mainstream media that publishes and reports what is convenient for their purposes and not the truth. The Truth About the Situation in Libya Cutting through the government propaganda and media lies By Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition August 22, 2011 Excerpts:
"In recent weeks, the NATO military operations used surveillance-collecting drones, satellites, mounting aerial attacks and covert commando units to decapitate Libya’s military and political leadership and its command and control capabilities. Global economic sanctions meant that the country was suddenly deprived of income and secure access to goods and services needed to sustain a civilian economy over a long period."
is it humanitarian aid?
"Read the article here and to understand the reasons and the consequences of the intervention in Libya that once succeeded will cause more war: "If the Pentagon, CIA, and Wall Street succeed in installing a client regime in Tripoli it will accelerate and embolden the imperialist threats and intervention against other independent governments such as Syria and Venezuela. In each case we will see a similar process unfold, including the demonization of the leadership of the targeted countries so as to silence or mute a militant anti-war response to the aggression of the war-makers."
Information is power and lies are controlling our view of reality and our lives.


Master Blogger said...

Let us all hope that everything will be alright in Libya, thanks for your update, you are really a concerned individual

Zero Dramas

Master Blogger said...

let us all hope that everything will be alright in Libya, thanks for your post you are a concerned individual

Zero Dramas/

Ana said...

Thank you for visiting.
Unfortunately I don't think that things will be alright in Libya but we have to keep helping.