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NATO at Libya: journalists threatened to death and bloodshed covered up by mainstream media

I learned at a very young age that journalism should have to do with integrity, impartiality and accountability. What is happening today is totally unacceptable and criminal. 

All that is at CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, FOX and other TV channels is manipulation and indoctrination  and whoever dares to try to depict another picture is being threatened if not murdered. I came across with all of this and I have to share it thou I think most people do not care and it is much more comfortable to watch the news and have the feeling that although this world is very strange God bless freedom of speech, democracy and humanitarian help.
I feel like crying because I learned not to trust the media during dictatorship and it is easy for me to see what is not being told behind the smile or the impartial look of the anchors.
I found this at YouTube:

Uploaded by  on Aug 21, 2011
Independent Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya threatened by CNN staff (producer) and fired on at Tripoli hotel by NATO backed terrorists and snipers.
NATO has provided direct armed cover to these armed gangs, who have no political project, no dream for Libya and are filled with hatred. All they want is to destroy this beautiful city, especially the tribes, the families and the neighbours that are well known for supporting the Leader of this country.
According to Dr. Musa Ibrahim more than 1300 martyrs and more than 5000 wounded people from todays NATO bombings.
See Press Conference here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb2qL9UOxuA
"1,300 people killed in Tripoli in the past 12 hours and over 900 injured (almost equal to the 3 week bombing of Gaza 08/09). This is the price of your silence." -Lizzie Phelan, Tripoli 21.08.2011
See also Lizzie LIVE from Tripoli 21.08.2011on RT:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SifGPkmEc4I
Update: Lizzie Phelan is saying she has now been blocked from her facebook and email. She said this is clearly to try and stop the truth from getting out about what is happening. She has also been informed by CNN journalists that she must stop saying in her Press TV etc updates that Al Qaeda is working with the rebels because she will be accused of being a traitor. Monday, 22.08.2011 16:00h
M16-CIA THREATENING TO MURDER JOURNALISTS TRYING TO REPORT THE TRUTH http://libya360.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/tripoli-nato-is-not-winning-m16-cia-...
Please visit: http://obamaslibya.com/ for more info on what's really going on in Libya

The mainstream media is declaring victory over Moammar Gaddafi in Tripoli. NATO bombed the Libyan capital this weekend and many say there are about 1,300 reported dead and over 5,000 injured. Why isn't the mainstream media reporting all the facts? Here to discuss this with us is Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset, to give us the details on what's going on in Tripoli.

From the left video with Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset:
"Has NATO been involved in what essentially been a civil war?"

"Yes, absolutely and Nato has engaged in grosse war crimes. NATO bombed the power plant in Tripoli, NATO bombed the water pipeline that feeds the desert, the irrigation and the population. NATO damaged the infrastructure of the community. The real question now is who is gonna pay for that? Will it be the people of France and Italy? Will it be the people of Libya who is forced to pay for rebuilding their owncity that NATO has destroyed?" 
Susan Lindauer

From the right video with Mahdi Nazemroaya, journalist.

"... few governments that govern unaccountably. They do act unaccountably. NATO itself is the mean to escape democracy. When Obama kills people, or Sarkozy or Cameron they say it is NATO. They will not be held accountable. ..."

"... they gonna kill each other, for what? Nato wants them to kill each other...."  Mahdi Nazemroaya 

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