Wednesday, August 17

Post for dog-people

An unusual silence is the reception you get one day when you enter home. You call his/her name and no reply. You get worried fearing something might have happened and you search the house when you enter the bedroom you come across with the scene of the picture.
"What on earth... grr... how can you... Bad dog! Bad dog!"
You are angry, very angry and think that pets are horrible, horrible. "I hate..."
You'll go to the kitchen and get something to drink cause you're thirsty and "well... that coach needed to be repaired and maybe a new one would be better. S/he is an animal and have some instincts that are... oh! I love this creature so dearly!"
"I should not have overreacted but I'll wait half an hour to talk to him/her or I'll lose my credibility."
"arf... arf... what's taking him so long? arf... arf... arf..."

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