Friday, August 5

The insanely astonishing universe of Karin Taylor

This is magical, fantastic, incredible, incredibly beautiful, so cute, these colors!, childhood, elephant in my garden!, amazing, and so many words pop in your head while you are browsing Karin Taylor's portfolio.
She is an Australian artist that masters many techniques that she uses to make her pieces of incredible magical universes.
She also has a blog where she wrote:
"Drawing is what gives me peace of mind, and i think that's the gift I share with the world. I am so fortunate to be able to share my heart and my thoughts through my art.
The other day, i had this little revelation, that when a pencil is available to me, it's like having a microphone in my hand. I get to say, feel, express and outwardly share what i feel in my innermost parts and dreams, I'm so enjoying this process. I'd forgotten how good it felt."
Not only a great artist, what a great woman! Go, go... Take a look at her portfolio!
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