Monday, July 4

David Hockney lobbying for "Amend the Tobacco Smoke Ban"

The right picture, depicting artist David Hockney with the Rt Hon Greg Knight MP at the House of Commons, I received by e-mail from Save our Pubs and Clubs.
According to the Tobacco Reporter Magazine:

Hockney decries UK’s busy-bodies and “curtain sniffers” Jun 30, 2011
"About 250 people gathered at the UK’s House of Commons for a reception aimed at building a groundswell of support for amending the public-places smoking ban cheered loudly when the artist, David Hockney, told them he was fed up with the “curtain sniffers”. Yesterday’s reception, at the Terrace Pavilion, was organized by Forest under the Save Our Pubs & Clubs, Amend the Tobacco Ban banner. Hockney, who has been a smoker for 56 years, told an appreciative audience that he didn’t like busy-body politicians; that he didn’t like the meanness that had entered the anti-tobacco debate; and that he was concerned about the end of the essential Bohemian spirit. He sounded angry but spoke with a twinkle in his eye, and Simon Clark, the director of Forest, described Hockney as the happiest angry man he’d ever heard." (keep reading)
David Hackney has already created his art on a Apple iPhone and recently, above, on the iPad. Revolutionary as always.


Missy said...

I think it should be at the discretion of the individual business whether or not people can smoke.


Ana said...

Yes. A place for smokers and othrr for no-smokers is fine.