Friday, July 29

George Orwell's square in Barcelona

How ironic!
Right photo by Mario Fernandez


Mark p.s.2 said...

Little brother ( your and my camera) is catching bad bus drivers here in Canada.

"Gatineau bus driver caught doing paperwork behind the wheel.
A Gatineau bus driver is facing serious disciplinary action after he was videotaped doing paperwork behind the wheel.

A passenger videotaped the bus driver and posted the footage on YouTube on July 18. In the video, the driver is seen clearly signing several papers. At times, he is steering with his knees. "

Ana said...

I watched the video. The speed is very low, the road has few cars and he keeps looking at it all the time.
Still people think it is dangerous.
This is ridiculous.
As someone said: "This is multitasking. Some people can do others don't.