Monday, May 11

Allegory of Sight - Colored detail

This was made for a 2.000 pieces puzzle. The Madonna with all that flowers at the right corner has disappear. I've liked that. I'm sorry Brueghel. The bird has also disappear. :) I would call someone just take some objects and it would be great for me. I believe it's because we live in a minimal way of decorating. I understand it's an allegory. Yes. You are right, Brueghel. Allegories are meant to exaggerate. But I believe other people are thinking: "Hmmm... I could take that ....... out." I don't understand why it gets so dark under black background. Unfortunately I cannot change the background of a single post.


Tommy said...

hello ana, I read your comment to post only now...thanks for the compliments, it is very nice to share similar passions...pity for the language and for my english...I hope you can understand something of my future post...a greeting

Ana said...

I do understand your English. It's not my maternal language too.
Have a nice day!