Sunday, May 10

The "New Math" of Craig Damrauer

I've just found Craing's site at Engrammi's blog. It's hard to choose among more than one hundred witty and great equations. I've saved more if you don't go to Craig's site maybe (he has an equation for "maybe") I'll post more. But when you are at his site reading one after another you get into the mood and end up enjoying more than seeing just some samples.


Mike Golch said...


Ana said...

I loved it!
It's better seeing his site to get in the mood.

maryt/theteach said...

These are great, Ana! Thanks for commenting at my blog! :)

Tommy said...

thanks for the quote...see you later

Ana said...

I like your blog.
I've put one of them at my blog list.

It war at your blog I found it as I put on the post.
Thank you.