Thursday, May 14

Raoul Dufy - The three umbrellas

Dufy, The three umbrellas, 1905.
When I was posting the Munch's "Girls on a pier" below I remembered this painting by Dufy. Comparing this work with the two Dufy's at this post, we can have an idea on how he was influenced by Matisse. It was done before 1920 during the period he consider his work as a search. It was in 1905 that he first saw "Luxe, Calme et Volupté", by Matisse, a work that had a huge impact on him. I'm dedicating this post to Stephany who said that the three girls of the Munch's picture reminded her of her daughters.


James Oh said...

Thanks for sharing.

God bless

Stephany said...

Thank you, Ana! It's a really lovely painting.

Ana said...

I'm glad you've liked it.