Monday, May 4

Better seen with Firefox till tomorrow

I have been editing the blog with Firefox. I first saw it with Internet Explorer today. I will have to make some changes because with this browser it's diagrammed wrongly. I'll work on this till tomorrow. I'm sorry. For those who use Internet Explorer: Does the letters look too big or is it the way my browser is configured? I'm having trouble understanding what to do. I'll have to go to my friend's house to see it. It looks terrible with Internet Explorer. At least now I understand why I haven't reach 200.000 visitors. :) Update: I discovered that many people have the same problem. To solve it I would have to know a lot of html language and spend a lot of time. I've put an advice "Better seen with Firefox". I don't receive from Firefox. I just use this Browse. I'm sorry for those who use other Browsers. It will be a little different.


Sandee said...

I use Firefox and your page looks just fine to me. IE is not my favorite browser. Just too many problems.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ana said...

I gave up.
It would take a lot of work to arrange things with Explorer.
I don use it for too long.

Mike Golch said...

As Sandee,said I use firefox as well and have so for some time.I had way too many frustration moments wit I.E. to fool with it any more.

Ana said...

I don't even open IE. When I looked at this blog with it I felt amazed.
The letters are huge, the diagram I use here don't work there.
But I really cannot stop to learn how to fix it all.
It takes too much time.

storyteller said...

I use Firefox and have no idea HOW my blogs look in IE ...
Hugs and blessings,

Ana said...

It's always different. I'll never see it again.