Monday, May 4

Mental Health Awareness Month - Calendar Project

May is the month for mental health awareness and I believe that this project is great. It's a calendar of May and everyday there's a new cartoon for the Mental Health Awareness Month. This was yesterday's cartoon and you can click at it to see today's cartoon or look at the whole project. This is really a sensible way to talk about something so difficult.


Zawir Al-Hamidi said...

Congratulations! You have a nice blog.

Ana said...

Thank you!

J. W. said...

what a great way to raise awareness and funding about an issue that is far too often taboo, and maybe even make people smile while your doing it, thanks for the info. about the project.

Ana said...

I have a blog on mental health.
It's justAna (the link is at the blog list).
It's hard because there are many issues and too much money involved with the psych-drugs sales.