Friday, May 1

Renoir's painting "Rowers' Lunch" and Amelie Poulain

This is from the movie "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulin" Right: Renoir "The Rower's Lunch, 1885 If you have seen the movie you must remember the crystal man who used to paint this Renoir's work once a year: -I never come out. I don't want to meet just anybody. And there's only rascals out there! But come in. There. Come in. You know, They call me the cristal man. But my name is Raymond Dufayel. Amélie Poulain: -I'm a waitress. - At the "Deux Moulins", I know. And you're coming back empty-handed from your hunt for Bretodeau. Because it's not "do", it's "to". Like "toto". - Thanks. I really like this painting. - It's "The rower's lunch" by Renoir. I paint one every year, for 20 years now. The hardest is the eyes. Sometimes, they change their moods on purpose, when I'm not looking. -They look happy here. -They better be! This year, they had hare with morel and waffles with jam for the children. Let's see, where did I put.


Anonymous said...

Love this! I never saw the movie, but it is on my list now.
I've read so much about this painting. It just fascinates me.

Have a good weekend.

Ana said...

The movie is very good. It became a "cult".
I guess it's a little too much but I use to feel the same about some cults.