Saturday, May 16

Me at Second Life

I guess it will take too much time for me to do anything at Second Life. I don't even know how to dress and have no money. No house... nothing. It costs too much to have a real and a virtual life. I met this girl and she took a photo of us. Needless to say I'm the one with this terrible dress and horrible hair. It's too difficult and without money... just like in real life. I use to start my journey from this site Brooklin is Watching. Click to bigfy. Jack Daniels...


James Oh said...

Great imagination. Sometime, it is good to act in this manner so long as it illuminate your life.
Cheers and ahve a lovely weekend

Ana said...

Thank you James.
Have a nice weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I love your creativity and the way you open your mind to other possibilities.

I hope your weekend is wonderful and your current life finds much happiness and beauty....always.

Ana said...

Thank you Cheryl!
You are very sweet.
I hope you also find happiness and beauty... always.