Tuesday, October 20

Alvaro Barrios - Marcel Duchamp admirer dialogs with Kieth Haring

Left: "Untitled (The Wedding Present)", 2008 Right "Untitled, 2007 Although the Colombian artist Alvaro Barrios has a great admiration for Marcel Duchamp, expressed here at his left work, he also dialogs with other artists. Mr. Haring at the right is Keith Haring. Confused? Hmmm... if so I will give the clues at the next posts. Art is a also a dialog with the past and sometimes if we don't know the reference we don't understand. This is one of the reasons some people say "Is it Art?"


Sandee said...

I'll admit that I don't get either one of these. The first one perhaps...not knowing what you have because you haven't been exposed to it before.

The last one. Graffiti is not something I'm a fan of. There are so many gangs here and it's awful. They are killing innocents all the time.

I've seen artwork on buildings before though. I hope I'm close.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

I'll give you the "cheating" for the first one.
No! Keith Haring was an artist and there are many artists doing street art.
That is one of the ironies that Barrios is talking about.