Friday, October 23

Changing the color of your favorite masterpiece to match your furnitures

Miro's Blue II A reworked Miro

The old Miro - Blue II .....................The New reworked Miro

Flaming June by Lord Leighton Flaming June with a softer orange by Fabulous Masterpieces

Flaming June - The original .....A softer toned down Flaming June

You can order yours at this site.

"So you know what masterpiece you want in your home but there’s one thing stopping you, the colours. They just won’t go. Dan Stone had the same problem; he loved the composition of Miro’s Blue II but knew the dark blue in the painting would clash with the rest of his furniture. Owen also had the same dilemma. He wanted Lord Leighton’s Flaming June but the orange was just a tad too overpowering, ideally he wanted to change it to a peachy softer tone. No problem. If you have a painting in mind, or have always admired a particular masterpiece but just know it wouldn’t look right in your home, simply tell us, and we’ll change the tones and colours so they complement your rooms perfectly."
Wow! I would love to see Mondrian with more colours. Never understood why he doesn't use pink! I think that the "old" Miró is too blue and I do not understand why he did not use the right colour to please Don Stone. Now the paintings are so beautiful! "Oh! Comme c'est joli!"

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Sandee said...

Way cool Ana. I didn't even know this was possible.

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