Tuesday, October 13

Pirats Art Network - promoting arts and creation

Pirats Art Network, or "Les Pirats", is an independent association created by Merlina Rokocoko and Newzab Zsigmond to promote art and creation. You can visit their site here. I have joined them at Second life and have been to some of their numerous exhibitions. Merlina* is at the left picture during a vernissage that displayed Layachi - two of his works are in the back - a great artist to whom I want to do a whole post. Now I am at another vernissage and just found out this work inspired by Van Gogh and remembered that when I was writing the post below I was thinking how his work influences artists today. It is from Van Caerndow and the title is "Van goes to Auvers" - I don't thik I have to explain the title but maybe I will publish Van Gogh's painting for those who are not remembering. This is the first of many posts I will write about Les Pirats. (Click at the pictures to enlarge) *Update: I've just realized that the man who is wearing black some steps behind Merlina is Newzab Zsigmond.


Sandee said...

I know so very little about art, so anything you post along with the art is a plus for me. I learn much here.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

Thank you Sandee!
I'm glad to know you learn something here.