Saturday, October 24

Robin Williams - Life Achievement Award

Hella Heaven's "Life Achievement Award" to Robin Williams. He is great


Anonymous said...

He is amazing and deserves this award. He has had his struggles, but has worked so hard to overcome them. He never fails to bring smiles to so many people. So happy to hear this.

Ana said...

No! He didn't receive it.
I created the "Hella Heaven's LAA".
Maybe they will think about it and realize how hard it's to make people laugh.
Comedians don't receive the deserved attention.

Sandee said...

Glad you took the bull by the horns and presented him with this award. He is definitely a very, very funny man.

Have a super day. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Like Cherry said, "He is amazing" indeed. I still can't watch Patch Adams without laughing behind tears. There is something about what this man does for his characters!