Saturday, October 17

Lucien Freud - "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" sold for $US33.64 million

This is the record for a sale of a living artist. The woman who posed for the artists, Sue Tilley, has her life changed: "Is it not a little, well, exposing to have one's magnificently generous breasts and lolling stomach revealed to the world? Tilley laughs: she was nervous, she says, about first stripping off, but quickly got used to it. Though, she adds: "I know it sounds weird, but even though there'd be no one else there I'd get dressed or put something round me just to go to the loo. I didn't want to become a regular nudist." Of course it was a different thing for the paintings - four were produced during their four-year working relationship - to go out into the world, and to be gawped at by all and sundry. "The first painting he ever did of me [Evening in the Studio, 1993] was finished while there was a big show of his paintings on at the Whitechapel gallery," she says. "So they put it up for the last week of the exhibition. I went in there one day and there was a man giving a talk in front of the picture, saying, look at this revolting woman, she's so fat and disgusting, there's obviously something wrong with her skin. I just started laughing. The man stopped and asked if there was anything wrong. I said: 'That's me you're talking about,' and he just looked like he wanted to die. After that I didn't really mind what people said. "I'm not the 'ideal woman', I know I'm not. But who is? And he never made the skinny ones look any better. He picks out every single little detail."" (read more here) Have a voluptuous weekend!


Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Great post, great picture.
Lucien Freud is a brilliant artist and Sue was a good model. And one with alot of spirit.
Thanks for posting.
ps here is a blog you might like to visit, one of my lecturers is involved.

Ana said...

I so happy you came!
Yes, he is great!
I'll visit the blog.

Sandee said...

I'll give her credit for posing for this painting. I don't think I could have done that if I looked like her. Just saying.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

Ana said...

We live in a world made for skinnies. All is measure for thin people.
If I gain 2 kilos I feel a whale (50 kg is my weight)
This is ridiculous.