Friday, July 2

Cat by Andy Warhol and... a cat smoking?

Photobucket "Don't let Holly know it."
This is the story about Warhol's cat "Sam" at Wikipedia:

Books and print

Beginning in the early 1950s, Warhol produced several unbound portfolios of his work.

The first of several bound self-published books by Warhol was 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy, printed in 1954 by Seymour Berlin on Arches brand watermarked paper using his blotted line technique for the lithographs. The original edition was limited to 190 numbered, hand colored copies, using Dr. Martin's ink washes. Most of these were given by Warhol as gifts to clients and friends. Copy #4, inscribed "Jerry" on the front cover and given to Geraldine Stutz, was used for a facsimile printing in 1987 and the original was auctioned in May 2006 for US $35,000 by Doyle New York.[66]

Other self-published books by Warhol include:

  • A Gold Book
  • Wild Raspberries
  • Holy Cats


susan said...

Mom has a copy of 25 cats named Sam. The cover cat looked like the cat that came before me.....

Mom wants a copy of the kitty smoking!

xxx to Ana and Nell. Please Nell, no smoking.

Ana said...

No Nell is a passive smoker. lol
To copy the cat you don't have to save.
Just copy the image and paste where you want.
If you save the animation will not work.
Holly! meouwwwwwww!