Thursday, July 29

Nicholas Ganz the multimedia graffiti's man

I just visited Nicholas Ganz site from where I took these pictures. He is not only a graffiti man and can use canvas as a support - isn't it amazing? -or bottles as you can see at the picture.
The worse of his sins, or crimes, was taking photographs of street art and publishing them in a book "Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents".
Bad news for those who still think that graffiti is the result of a bunch of boys that has nothing better to do: the book was translated in many languages and became a blockbuster.
Worse: Nicholas, or Keinom his artistic name, published "Graffiti Women" when he noticed the lack of name of women in the street art scenery.
Quite an achievement since he also writes about the graffiti phenomenon around the world. Take a look at this page "What is Keinom?" where he writes a little about his story.
Take care Keinom!