Saturday, July 3

Edward Hopper exhibited at Hella Heaven

I came across with the blog Illustration Art when searching for Edward Hopper and I am amazed not only by the works David Appatof chooses but also by what he writes. I decided to copy some paintings he did choose at this post about Edward Hopper and part of his text since it is not very different from what I feel when looking at some of Hopper's creations. I added some other of Hopper's paintings and I'm sure I will make another post about him. I was sure I did a post about the third painting "New York Movie"... I will search at draft if there is anything saved. The first painting, empty corner, is not only about the space but is full of stories... If the walls could speak... that is part of what Hopper do: he listen to the walls and depicts the scene so to speak. You can see at the paintings that are in a room. Windows, lots of windows... and I just remembered Vermeer. Picture yourself in a gallery and enjoy.
"Edward Hopper loved to ride the elevated train through the city at night. As the apartment buildings raced by in the dark, he would catch flashes of unearned intimacy: lonely people staring at the walls... desperate couples... people whose privacy was protected only by their anonymity.
Sometimes I think that artists, like philosophers, are keyhole peepers at heart. They are observers, once-removed from the primacy of experience by the burden of consciousness."
David Apatoff


David Apatoff said...

Thanks, Ana, for a very nice treatment. I share your feelings for Hopper.

Ana said...

Thank you for the great blog.
I just added again the links that I don't know why were not saved.
I will visit you.

DB said...

I like Hopper also. His house on Cape Cod looked just like one of his paintings. When I saw it I said it looked like a Hopper painting. A neighbor told me it was his house.


Ana said...

This was the first of this paintings I saw.
I love it.
Lucky you!
Whenever someone mention Cape Cod I first think about this painting.