Wednesday, July 14

July, 14 the French National Day and the function of women's brain

"This is how our brain works... WE WOMEN... It's not complicated as it seems. Read the explanation above the image:
(click at the image to see with white background)
Every blue ball represents a thought about something to be done, a decision or a problem to be solved.
And what about the man's brain?
Well, the man has only 2 balls to handle and their thoughts are focused only on both of them."
Today is the French national day and there are many controversies about how the day was celebrated. I do not want to think of this day as a political issue but as a celebration of the French cultural patrimony.
I just found the post above at Sophie's blog EurekaSophie and this is my homage to what this day means to me.
Thank you Sophie and those French who are creative and follows a heritage that makes Franch such an amazing people. They created camembert! That is enough! Vive la France!

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