Tuesday, July 20

The wine sunset: we never get enough of images

I was thinking about how easy today is to find images of no matter what subject and if is it possible to get tired of all of these numerous images we are exposed daily.
I decided to search for "sunset" at google and found this photography at Vinography: a wine blog. Andy Katz is the photographer and I really loved this colour in a sunset.
We live in a image culture and it seems we are far from not being surprised by them.


Mark p.s.2 said...

The sunset is much better when/if you can see it in the 3D of real life.

My two cents on mental heath-preaching...
Our visual brain needs to process a 3D environment such as the sunset as we are not meant to stay indoors(in a box) all the time.

Ana said...

Funny because I was thinking the same while writing it. How good it is to see it and follow all the changes of colours.
Yes, I agree that 3D indoors is hard. We have to look at the corners of the walls to be sure we are really in it.

Thank you Mark!
I will post a Escher and dedicate it to you. The crystal ball.