Sunday, February 19

Angelina Jolie: Praising NATO for killing 60.000 Libyans

I'm not sure if Angelina Jolie is aware of what she is really doing being ambassador for United Nations as GoodWill and United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.
Every time she visits a country instead of hope it is anger she inspires on those who are fighting for their country.
This is a very sad situation.
She is expressing sympathy for the devil when she praises Libyan's "revolutionaries" - or" rebels" - or the transitional council.
Does she think that the revolutionaries are Libyans?
Please, could  anybody inform her that the so-called "revolutionaries" or "rebels" is NATO not the people of Libya? She should also be informed that it was not a revolution. On the contrary: it was an invasion that destroyed the whole country and killed 60.000 civilians and they are still torturing, killing and massacring Libyans.
Soon she will be visiting Syria and again she will praise crimes against humanity.
How someone accept to work for United Nations without knowing the consequences of this position?
This is sad. She is helping misinforming and distorting the truth every time she makes a speech:
""I have come to Libya for a variety of reasons, to see a country in transition at every level and to witness efforts to fully realize the promise of the Arab Spring," Jolie said on Oct. 11, 2011 in her visit to Libya.
"I'm also here on behalf of the Libyan people to show them solidarity. I think this revolution on behalf of human rights, which is what I feel these people really have been doing and what they have pushed for, and to help them to implement these new laws and help them with the future of their country." 
Revolution on behalf of human rights? Transition? Arab Spring? New laws for the future of the country? This is outrageous.
She should go back or at least search for information about what is happening in Libya now or read the messages Libyans are sending her in comments where she appears doing her "humanitarian aid".
Take a look at this video Angelina. It is a NATO Spring not an Arab Spring that has been happening.

Sean Penn in Libya helping NATO do their work
I just found out that Sean Penn had visited Libya two weeks before Angelina. What is happening to Hollywood celebrities? Seriously! A Hall of Shame should be created for those who don't know what they are really doing. This is what I hope that is happening because it sounds unbelievable that these people are helping massacres.
Who are the rebels? Read this article by Peter Dale Scott.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Well done on your article.I live in the U.S.A and only whores (angelina jolie) or murderers can support NATO and their cause. Have you read the NATO peace pact? It is a list with a blackmail that alot of countries are forced into.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you article. NATO and their people can only murder and if that include people like angelina jolie! Have you read the NATO peace pact? It is a biggest blackmail that alot of countries were forced into!

Ana said...

I don't know why your comment was at the spam box.

Peace pact?
No, I didn't read. Thank you. I'll search for it and I have an idea of what I'll read so I'm already mad.