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Ari Folman's Sabra and Shatila movie: Poor Israelis suffered so much!

Director Ari Folman, right picture as president of the jury at Sarajevo in 2011, filmed "Waltz with Bashir" that "follows the filmmaker's emotional attempt to decipher the horrors that unfolded one night in September of 1982, when Christian militia members massacred more than 3,000 Palestinian refugees in the heart of Beirut as Israeli soldiers surrounded the area. Folman was one of those soldiers, but nearly 20 years after the fact, his memories of that night remain particularly hazy."

I  just saw the movie and I missed Palestinians. Ari Folman did a movie, and received awards, to make Israel once again victim of it's own atrocities. At the movie his psychologist tells him that he was only 19 years-old and was not guilty for the massacre and during the whole movie the massacre happened as if it was an accident: all of a sudden it happens because of... the reasons are not explained.

This review here shows the Palestinian side that is not at the movie:
"The question of who was doing whose dirty work is not so easily answered however Israel was nobody’s sidekick when it invaded Lebanon. The film does not show us the Israeli shelling of Beirut that led to 18,000 deaths and 30,000 wounded, the violations committed against civilians, the destruction of Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.And what about the fact that the Palestine Liberation Organization and armed resistors had been evacuated more than two weeks before the massacres, and that it was the day after multinational forces left Beirut that Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon made it known that 2,000 “terrorists” remained in the camps? The focus of Folman’s quest for responsibility in Waltz with Bashir hones in on lighting the flares as the Phalangists “mopped up” the camps. That two months before the massacres Sharon had announced his objective to send Phalangist forces into the camps, that the Israeli army surrounded and sealed the camps, that they shelled the camps, that snipers shot at camp dwellers in the days before the massacres, and then having given the green light to the Phalangists to enter Sabra and Shatila, the Israeli army prevented people from fleeing the camps — all of this is absent in Waltz with Bashir."
There is more at the review by Naira Antoun, University of London, and after reading it I felt relief because all she wrote is what I was thinking.
It seems that it there will never be enough tears to mourn the holocaust and Israel can do whatever it wants with this currency in the minds of generations.

The fact that all Palestinians families have blood in their history is not of any importance because Israelis suffered more. Poor Ari Folman who wasn't even one of the soldiers who were massacring Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila. But his pain was the theme he decided to tell as if he was in a therapy session.
Poor Israelis, let's mourn their pain and forget about all the other genocides.
The irony is that Nazi ideology, eugeneticism included, inspired by US as Hitler stresses in Mein Kampf, is everywhere in the world now but it doesn't affect Israel. On the contrary.

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