Friday, February 24

Brutal rape to death of UK journalist by NATO in Libya: human rights activists where are you?

Update Feb, 24: The video was also censured at Vimeo. It is haunting the minds of those who watched and cannot forget the brutality. It hurts.
The YouTube censured version was also deleted.

YouTube censured the video because of the "shocking and disgusting content".
Now a censured version has appeared and some people have translated what the men are saying.
I have this video saved as draft and I'm still thinking if it is right to publish or not. The images are shocking, brutal and... no words as always.

I'm searching for reports of what is happening in Libya now and, as expected, the mainstream media is not reporting the numerous crimes that is being committed at Libya.
The mainstream media helped and keeps helping NATO. This video is about CNN creating false videos of  Gaddafi's soldiers rape. They used porno movies.

There are many videos at YouTube that show images that are more shocking than this one and even the rape of a girl...
Go to YouTube and watch the macabre and satanic rituals that US, Israel,  UK and France, using NATO to do the job, is doing in Libya.

Not even the independent media is denouncing these heinous crimes.
I decided that publishing the video, and I ask this British journalist to forgive me for showing these images, is the only way to raise awareness about these horrors, this barbaric and unbelievable display of how bestial and monstrous we, human beings, are.

For one year, the invasion started in March, 2011,  NATO is killing innocent civilians in Libya. Why they keep doing it? They have killed Gaddafi without trial, destroyed the country, destroyed water pipelines, destroyed faith, carped bombed the country killing more than 60.000 civilians... what else do they want?
These is Nazism, this is fascism...
...this is not acceptable.

Any person who keeps ignoring these crimes is responsible.
UK doesn't care about this woman, Amnesty International is campaigning for Syria intervention but not a single line about numerous crimes that are happening in Libya.

Human Right Watch does not care. Governments... we already know very well that they only do the crimes.
Where on earth are the human rights activists when people really need them?
Are there human right activists that are unbiased?  Stop the macabre and satanic rituals of murders in Libya.

State terrorism. US and allies

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