Wednesday, February 22

Wordless Wednesday: Tango


Balqis said...

I like the image. It tells a story. :)

cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, when a man does the tango, will he be able to tell whether his partner is wearing s falsie- heavily padded bra? ha ha
have a nice day

Ana said...

Yes, tango is the story of love. :)

Never thought about that.

I'm having problems leaving comments at some blogs.

robin goodwin said...

I would like to use this image for a talk I am giving in Helsinki to the Finnish Science Forum next month ( The talk is about natural disasters but as my talk is being followed by a Finnish tango band I would like to organise it around tango steps! Do I have your permission to use this please? My email is if you want to make further contacts

Robin Goodwin (Professor of Psychology, Brunel University, London)

Ana said...

Yes. This picture is not mine but it seems the author is unknown because I've already seen it in other sites without credits.

Finish tango? never heard about it.

I'll write you an e-mail later.

I hope the forum is not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company
ut it seems impossible to have any event related to mental health that is notsponsored by corporations.

I'm glad you're a psychologist for therapy is what really helps, especially "neurotics".

I did twenty years of psychoanalisys. Yep, with a family like this I would be abnormal if i was not neurotics.